a review of the curvy kate strapless luxe bra

A Review Of The Curvy Kate Strapless Luxe Bra

Posted onSeptember 15, 2014

Back in December last year, the Curvy Kate girls asked me if I had ever tried a strapless bra. I pretty much laughed in their faces – I blame the wine and the fact that holding five pounds of sagging flesh aloft is not really an easy feat. The team then went onto tell on that they me that they were working on a strapless bra that could possible work for me –the Luxe. And several months later, I got to try it out in a 36H…

Well, colour me impressed, the bra really did seem to hold my boobs up! I don’t expect miracles, and I don’t expect a strapless bra to give me the exact same shape and support as a bra with straps, but this bra was rather amazing. The band has four hooks and eyes and it’s lovely and firm – I think that I could even go firmer. The cups contain some sneaky plastic boning and it even has time to be pretty with bows and buttons and pinstripes! It is actually a multiway bra with removable straps, but all I have eyes for is the strapless abilities. The central gore does not sit flush against my sternum and I do need to adjust it a little when I wear it – but that might be more out of habit than anything else! All of this means that it is not a bra I would wear without a dress that already has some structure or is already very firm around the bust, but that’s enough for me.

It’s taken the amazing Curvy Kate team several years to perfect this bra, and I know that it doesn’t accommodate everyone in terms of the sizing range. But please remember that Underwear for Men take time and crazy amounts of engineering. Hopefully one day they will find a way to construct an item that will keep a huge range of breasts aloft, but for now this is what they have produced and in terms of progress it’s very exciting.

This dress is theCollectif Penny pencil dress is leopard print, the moustache and glasses are covering a rather interesting face pull.

This is theCollectif Penny pencil dress in blackwhich is made out of bengaline and fits me like a glove. It’s exactly the kind of dress that I have coveted for ages, and thanks to this bra, I can now wear it. Now, if only I could get over the fear of showing my upper arms, and maybe I could rock this combo on a night out!Pegging Sex Positions

The bra is currently only stock at very.co.uk –click here to buy it. It will hopefully be available in the full sizing range at other retailers very soon.

The shapewear shorts that you can see in my photos are fromMaidenform.

So what are your thoughts on the Curvy Kate Luxe? Have you tried it? Will you try it?

What size are you wearing in the Colectif Penny Pencil Dress?

16 x

Really impressed with it too! I bought it after seeing on your Instagram before it was availible to buy so couldn’t wait until it came out! It definitely hasn’t disappointed either!


Looking like you do in that dress, NOT ONE PERSON is going to even notice you have arms!!!! You look fantastic in that dress .


Darling George, I know no one can change your mind for you, and acceptance is something we come to in our own time (if we’re lucky) but in a dress like that, with that banging body and your beautiful face NO ONE will be looking at your arms (however dreadful you may PERCEIVE them to be). Rock that dress you total hottie!

Great that there’s now a pretty strapless option for us bustier ladies. I think the shape it gives you is lovely. I tried a strapless bra that goes up to an L allegedly and all it was good for was fancy dress as Madonna during her cone bra faze. Pointy boobies is not a good look!

I haven’t tried it but it looks great on you – it extenuates your curves perfectly.

Lizzie’s Daily Blog

Hi there!

I know you don’t like your arms on show, and we all have bits of ourselves we’re conscious of, but all I noticed when I looked at you in the dresses in this post is your amazing figure and beautiful shoulders. People spent years telling me things just like this, don’t wait another minute to appreciate all of you! Thanks for the super posts!


Man, I wish Curvy Kate was available in my city (in Canada). I wear an H cup and am having one hell of a time finding a good bra


Oh George – PLEASE wear that dress?! And smile at how inspiring you are?! You have helped me get past some less-than-adoration self-image issues in the last few years. I actually wore a beautiful RED Panache BIKINI for weeks on end this summer. YOU started this bra size & body love thing for many of us. PLEASE wear that dress and love every ‘wobble’ as you might say! Signed, and appreciative fan.

Ha … ‘an appreciative fan’ …

That’s a gorgeous bra. It’s a shame the cups are too shallow for the gore to tack.

[…] You can read Georgina’s full review here! […]

Hi!! You really do look amazing.

I was reading buyer reviews and one mentioned this bra has some padding. Is this the case, and if so, could you talk about how much padding we are talking about? Thank you!

Hey! It has padding, enough to smooth and concel nips but not push you up x

[…] whole outfit fit like a glove, but as I chose a strapless number and wore my Curvy Kate Luxe with it, it slightly changed the fit as my boobs sat lower than they usually would. But nonetheless […]

The only strapless bra I own is a 32G wonder bra and it’s the most uncomfortable thing ever – it holds you up by pressing down on your ribs …

Does this bra do that? What is it that keeps the girls up?

I mean gravity does a little something! x

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